Qoozo Mini

Mini but built with powerful Ozonation system that kills bacteria up to 99%, and pesticides up to 92.9%

Qoozo Mini

Cares for Your Environment and Future

Today, the treat of global warming is alarming and undeniable. Melting icecaps in Antarctica has cost penguins their natural habitat, while rising sea levels threaten both surrounding inhabitants as well as the entire eco-system. NESH QOOZO MINI, inspired from Antarctica’s Emperor penguin, aims to spread consciousness in caring for the Earth. The environment is our common responsibility and a healthy Earth is the best gift we can promise generations to come. QOOZO MINI is not just an ordinary water filtration system; it is a symbol of love and wellness.



Instantaneously Removes Agricultural Chemicals,
Making Food Safer for Consumption.



Sterilises kitchenware and baby products.
No liquid detergent or soap required when cleaning hands.



Removes unpleasant smelling odour from your food and utensils.
Prevents halitosis or bad-breath.

We Cares For Well Being



Suitable for Cleaning Vegetables and Fruits


Suitable for Cleaning Fish and Meat

8 Advantanges

Dual Technology Filtration System

1st in the World Science & Technology, International Copyright

Micro-chip Operation

3 LED Modes of Function

Instantaneous Life Ozone Process

3 Minute Safety Feature

International Electric Input

Modern Design & Concept Creativity

Product Specification

  • Product Code EM3028
  • Weight 0.44g
  • Size 25.8cm(H) x 15.4cm(W)
  • Voltage DC12V
  • Power Consumption 6W
  • Ozone Concentration Level 50-150mg / hr
  • Ozone Proctective Device 3 minutes auto cut-off protection
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