Yesss! Plan- In & Out Perfect Plan

You lack nothing in household water needs when you sign up the In & Out Perfect Plan as it got your every water need covered, from using to cooking and drinking. Yet, it is a great bargain affordably priced.

Mix & Match any of Nesh Indoor & Outdoor Water Filters to suit your needs!

Simplicity & Satisfaction

The only rental plan that gives you peace of mind, total enjoyment and satisfaction.
By “Pay small to own, and repay even smaller after”, your mind is free as it goes, you and your family can reap the real benefits of clean, safe and healthy water in a simple and easy way.

Why Choose Nesh Yesss! Plan?


Select your desired water filters and we take care of the rest. It's that simple! Forget about when you should do the maintenance or change the filter cartridges because we have got it sorted. It's our courtesy to remind you and our Nesh Care Service Team will visit you for regular scheduled maintenance or any ad hoc needs that you may have.

Financially Easy

Nesh Yesss! Plan is an easy plan that is designed specifically for you to tap into the new living era affordably. You can now start healthy living joyfully, be it drinking quality water or having clean water supply for your home by paying a small amount to own, and repay even smaller afterwards. Better still, the product is yours when the plan ends.

Worry Free

Experience quality water with peace of mind as we have enveloped everything you need in the box:
FREE Installation,
FREE 5 Years Regular Service,
FREE 5 Years Filter Replacement,
FREE 5 Years Warranty

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