When classic design meets cold feature, the room temperature comes in handy too, either home or office, it serves you well.

Uniqnesh Hot & Cold

Hot & Cold


Easy Installation

Cost Effective

No Heavy Refills

Quality Assured Water

24 Hour Supply

Space Saving

Drink Water with Ease
Satisfy All Your Needs

Are you still using regular, bulky old fashioned water dispenser with heavy water bottle refills and costly in long run? Why not choose our stylishly designed for modern offices and healthy work place lifestyle with free flow of NESH Life Water for a glass of energizing drink? Now with uniqNesh Hot & Cold, providing both hot and cold drink, we can satisfy all your needs.

Big Dispensing Opening

24cm high Opening wide Larger jugs or cups

Build in Cup Holder

Top cover to keep cups clean May fit approximately 50 cups

Drain Container

Indication float will rises up when container is full

Uniqnesh 3 Catridges


Yes, Nesh UniqNesh provides filtered water.

There are 3 filter cartridges in the UniqNesh.

The water selection available for UniqNesh are Hot, Cold and Room Temperature.

The volume capacity setting is free flow for you to dispense any amount you desire.

Nesh UniqNesh consumes low amount of electricity.  

Product Specification

  • Product Code EM3013N
  • Weight 25kg
  • Size 33cm(W) x 120cm(H) x 35cm(L)
  • Filter Capacity 5000L
  • Hot Water Temperature Max 95°C
  • Hot Water Capacity 2 Litre
  • Nesh Life Cold Water Capacity 4 Litre
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