nesh outdoor water filter king

Nesh Membrane King Outdoor Pre-Filter

Elegant Stainless Steel body, 3 times faster water output with new membrane technology, best for home and business use.

Nesh Membrane King Outdoor Pre-Filter

Hassle FREE with 6 GREAT Advantages

All New Membrane Technology

Super Faster Water Output

Stainless Steel


Easy To Install

Product Patents

All New Membrane Technology

1-key Backwash - Easy, Convenient & User Friendly.

Super Faster Water Output

6x Faster Output
8000 Litre per Hour
1>8 Bar Water Pressure

Stainless Steel

Durable Corrosion Resistant



Easy To Install

Standalone, Bold and Firm

Product Patents


The best way to decide is to look at the usage volume and your preferred water output:

King – 6 times faster water output, designed specifically for high volume users

Queen – 3 times faster water output, best for home and business use

Super High – With a water output of 2300 liter/hour 

You may choose to install in your home or apartment’s meter room. For installation in the meter room, prior approval from the apartment Management is required.

Nesh outdoor water filter is installed after the water meter, so that the water is filtered at the source before flowing into your entire house.

Nesh Membrane is designed in accordance to Malaysia water condition, using Germany Hollow Fiber technology. Its density is up to 0.01 Microns, which is 10,000 times thinner than our hair to filter soil, rust and other materials including bacteria with size larger than 0.01 Microns. However the natural minerals are remained in the water.

nesh outdoor water filter king
nesh outdoor water filter queen
1. Water Pressure meter
2. Auto-Flush Timer : Function, battery, auto timer filter
3. Membrane: Flushing, backwash
4. Membrane spare parts: O'ring, screw, body casing, brackets
5. Polish product surface

1. Check water pressure, ensure water flow is normal.

2. Do Flushing and Backwash, ensure no dirty water flow into house.

3. Polish Product Surface

4. Check Auto-timer functions

5. Wash Auto-timer filter

6. Check ball valve or water tap, ensure is on correct position and functioning.

7. Ensure machine body no leakage.

8. Ensure piping no leakage.


Product Specification

  • Product Code EM3388
  • Weight 33kg
  • Size(cm) 25(W) x 144(H)
  • Casing Stainless Steel
  • Water Pressure 1 > 8 bar
  • Clean Water Output 8000 L/hr
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    1. Hi Ms Wong, for backwash, you can direct backwash, only after backwash you need to do flushing before use as usual 😊

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