Life Water Filtration System

Love something classic with fine simplicity, you will love this Nesh Life Water Filtration System.

Life Water Filtration System




Health Enhancing

Integrated with 4312 High-Technology

4 functions of cleansing, vitalizing, sterilizing & health effect with only 3 cartridges to complete the 12 stages of high efficiency filtration system.

Cleansed, Vitalised, Sterilised & Health-Enhancing

The synthesis and correlation modern technology derived from Japan, the United States of America and United Kingdom. With the unique 3-cartridge system, your drinking water goes through 12 highly effective levels of filtration to produce NESH Life Water that is Cleansed, Vitalised, and Sterilised and Health-Enhancing that can be directly consumed without boiling.

Product Features

Easy Installation & Maintenance - Do-it-Yourself Features.

Portable & Convenient with its compact size

Space Friendly - Table-top, Wall Mounted or Under the Sink

No Electricity Required - Environmental Friendly

Time and Money Saver - Low Maintenance & No Boiling

Anti-Bacterial - Prevents & Stops Bacterial Growth in the Water

Deodorises Water by Removing & Preventing Bad Odour

Function Meets Style with its innovative design


Nesh Life Water Filtration System has 4 main functions which are to cleanse, vitalise, Sterilise and health-enhancing.

There are 3 filter cartridges in Nesh Life Water Filtration System.

Yes, you may drink directly the water filtered by Nesh Life Water Filtration System without boiling. Nesh Life Water has been tested to be a healthy and safe to drink filtered water.

The installation of Nesh Life Water Filtration System is versatile, it can be table-top, wall mounted or under the sink.

No, Nesh Life Water Filtration System does not require the electricity to function.

“N” stands for Natural, “E” stands for Environmental, “S” stands for Safety, “H” stands for Health. NESH has been standing firm on these four major mottos throughout the 30 years of establishment, developing products that is safety and healthy for the public.

NESH was established since year 1989, and this year we are celebrating Nesh 30 years anniversary. NESH is the longest and most matured Water Filtration Brand in Malaysia, and hence it is the most trusted and reliable brand.


1. Power Point
2. 2-ways divider
3. Connectors / elbow
4. Tubing
5. Filters
6. Water Filter Body
7. Sealing Tape
8. O-ring
9. Inlet & Outlet

1. Unplug Old Filter

2. Clean filter / Install new filter

3. Flush the new filter

4. Clean 2-ways divider

5. Clean Water Filter Base

6. Complete 9 Points Check

7. Test Water Quality

8. Update the service records

Product Specification

  • Product Code EM2008
  • Weight 4.2kg
  • Size 38cm(H) x 22cm(W)
  • Water Tab Pressure 4 Bars
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