Nesh Emperor Qoozo S5

Undersink installation with 360° Faucet Rotation for a distinct clean kitchen look, while enjoying all the benefits of Nesh Life Water and Ozonation technology at your fingertip.

Available Color: Grey/ White

Nesh Emperor Qoozo S5

World's First Environmental Ozonation + Filtration System

8 Major Features



Instantaneously Removes Agricultural Chemicals,
Making Food Safer for Consumption.



Sterilises kitchenware and baby products.
No liquid detergent or soap required when cleaning hands.



Removes unpleasant smelling odour from your food and utensils.
Prevents halitosis or bad-breath.

Life Water Usage and Consumption

• Purifies, removes bacteria, energises and enhances well being.
• Removes bodily toxins, adjusts body temperature
• Better water texture and taste


Suitable for Cleaning Fish and Meat

• Removes chemicals such as antibiotics and hormones
• Removes the fishy odour from your seafood. High preservation of seafood and meat once washed and refrigerated.

Suitable for Cleaning Vegetables and Fruits

• Removes agricultural chemicals such as pesticides
• Moisturises, preserves freshness and slows down food decay

The Water Taste of Hapiness

Pure water should not have a taste It should be light and soft in texture It should quench our thirst It should cleanse our body

Enahnce Your Taste

Reduces pesticide residue on fruits and vegetables before eating or cooking by washing them with ozone water Ozone water can fresher up withered vegetables Vegetables cleaned with ozone water before they are placed in the refrigerator will last longer Vegetables cooked in Life Water will be more flavoursome

Food Preparation

Removes the smell from seafood, even when placed in the refrigerator Removes the decomposition of antibiotics & hormones in meat

Nesh Life Water 4 Remarkable Features


Nesh Qoozo S5 3 Catridges Filter

Filter 1


Carbon Block, Ceramic Filter

Filter 2


PPF Filter, KDF, High Effective Activated Carbon

Filter 3


PPF Filter, KDF, Energizing Ceramic, Calcium Ionized Clay, Natural Mineral Stones

12 Steps of Highly Effective Filtration

– Filters mud, rust, heavy metals and micro-organisms

– Filters chlorine and other harmful chemicals
– Removes unpleasant odours
– Improved water texture

– Filters pallets and oil based materials

– Effectively filters chlorine and other harmful
– Chemicals Removes harmful bacteria and organic pollutants
– Deodorises the water

– Only technology in the world to filter heavy metals including lead and mercury
– Filters micro-organisms such as bacteria and algae
– Prevents bacteria growth

– Effectively filters chlorine and other harmful chemicals
– Removes harmful bacteria and organic pollutants
– Eodorises the water

– Filters pallets and oil based materials

– Filters pallets and oil based materials

– Only technology in the world to filter heavy metals including lead and mercury
– Filters micro-organisms such as bacteria and algae
– Prevents bacteria growth

– Releases activated calcium ions that are easily absorbed by the human body
– Mild alkaline ph7.5 – 8.5 suitable for drinking and absorption
– Enhances blood circulation

– Releases infrared energy to break down water molecules into smaller and aligned water clusters to increase water absorption properties
– Smoother water texture and sweeter taste

– Extra minerals in water important to the human body


Qoozo Emperor S5 is designed to be installed under sink, only a tap will be installed on the table top, to save space. The ozonation buttons can be controlled from the Qoozo Emperor S5 tap itself.

Qoozo Emperor S5 has 3 main functions – to purify, sterilise and deodorise.

  1. Purify
    With industrial development around, our water supply has been contaminated by carbon monoxide, organic chemical, fertiliser, heavy metal putrid odours, colouring and so on. Qoozo Emperor S5 principle is to neutralise and decompose the harmful pollutants in the water.
  2. Sterilises
    Rapidly removes water viruses and bacteria up to 99%. Qoozo Emperor S5 principle decomposes these contaminants with 0.05 PPM ozone concentration level.
  3. Deodorise
    Qoozo Emperor S5 rapidly oxidises and decomposes odour-causing bacteria in the water. 
  • Qoozo Emperor S5 is 3000 times faster than chlorine in eliminating bacteria and 300 times more effective in removing the toxicity than Cresol.
  • Electrons on ozone ions have high oxidation properties that destroy bacterial cells and accelerate bacterial decomposition.
  • Viruses are made up of protein, RNA and DNA. Ozone ions not only enable the decomposition of protein, RNA and DNA, but also remove viruses completely.

Qoozo Emperor S5 removes bad odours by electron decomposition. By releasing an active oxygen that is an electron from the ozone bond, the single electron oxidises the proton of any element it reacts with. This means that the odour-causing bacteria contain protons and when combined with a single ozone ion, the odour is removed through oxidation. Ozone does not mask odours but completely removes them.

Fruits and vegetables continue its natural life cycle even after being harvested. The automatic release of its natural ripening agent enables the creation of yeast and mold that contributes to food decay. Qoozo Emperor S5 oxidises the ripening agent and limits the ethylene oxide produced in yeast and mold to preserve the freshness of perishable food.

Ozone does not leave any toxic by-products or residue, nor does it create any environmental damage with its decomposition properties as it reverts back to oxygen molecules. Other oxidation devices may leave properties and affect the food products it is used on.

Ozonation first removes traces of bacteria and residue. Once your skin is clean, the pores absorb Ozone and is moisturised, leaving a slippery feeling on the hands.

Ozonation first removes traces of bacteria and residue. Once your skin is clean, the pores absorb Ozone and is moisturised, leaving a slippery feeling on the hands.

Yes, Qoozo Emperor S5 can be used to disinfect milk bottle and dirty utensils, then locate them at the dish washer to maintain it dryness to prevent bacterial growth.

  1. The emission of ozone for Qoozo Emperor S5 has passed the IEC-335-2-65 standard which is concluded harmless to human beings.
  2. The mid decay time of Ozone is reducing during drinking water.
  3. The effects of Ozone towards Protein and human body cell are mentioned in the article ‘2001 journal of food science (pls refer to this article from website for more information). Bacteria can be eliminated as of its single cell or micro-organisms. However, the size and complication of human body formation will not be simply damaged by the emission of 150mg’s concentration level.

Ozone produced by using the method of electronic discharge.

10,000 hours which equivalent to 5 years of usage.

Instructions say it needs to replace the filter every certain period of time.

Energized ceramic material from UK

KDF micro alloy particle technology from U.S.A

Infra-red stone technology from Japan

Assembled in Malaysia

Designed in Australia


1. Power Point
2. Connectors / elbow
3. Tubing
4. Ozone Functions
5. Filters
6. Qoozo Body
7. Qoozo S5 faucet
8. Faucet sticker silicone
9. Sealing Tape
10. Faucet Circuit board
11. Big Circuit board
12. Silicon tube
13. O-ring
14. Inlet & Outlet
15. Water Pressure

1. Unplug Old Filter

2. Clean filter/Install new filter

3. Flush the new filter

4. Clean 2-ways divider

5. Qoozo Casing Clean

6. Complete 14 Points Check

7. Test Water Quality

8. Update the service records


Product Specification

  • Product Code EM3018-S5
  • Weight 4.8kg ±5%
  • Size 27(W) x 43(H) x 21(L)
  • Voltage DC12V
  • Power Consumption 16.5W
  • Ozone Concentration Level 100-150mg / hr
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  1. Hi, I currently own a Qoozo. I want to install it under the sink, using the Qoozo Emperor S5 tap above sink. Is this possible? And how much will it cost?

    1. Hi Mr Low, thank you for your support with Nesh.
      Qoozo and Qoozo Emperor S5 have different setting, you may leave us your contact number or contact our service line https://wa.me/60167773957 , our customer service is happy to assist with you further.
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