nesh indoor water filter ihot

Nesh i-Hot Dispenser Filtration System

Power saver, dispense-on-demand or else it sleeps. Slender yet stylish with hassle free 5 temperature settings to accommodate your hot and room temperature water needs throughout the day.

i-Hot Dispenser Filtration System

Say No to Reboiling, Drink NESH Life Water.


No tank wash

No Reboil

5 temperature selections

Save Electricity

Save Space

5 Temperature Selections

Room Temperature




Instant Noodle

Operation Platform

Removable Water Storage Tray

Water Spout

Nesh i-Hot 3 Filter

Filter 1 - PPP

Remove Dust, Mud, Sand

Filter 2 - Carbon + KDF

Remove Chlorine, Heavy Metal

Filter 3 - KDF, Energizing Ceramic, Calcium Ionized Clay, Natural Mineral Stones

Remove Heavy Metal, Water Molecule smaller, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium (Alkaline Water)


Yes, i-Hot is tankless. You may use it without worrying about water re-boiling issue.

Yes, i-Hot provides filtered water.

There are 3 filter cartridges in the i-Hot.

Yes, i-Hot is featured with filter change indicator.

i-Hot has 5 temperature settings that are designed to suit your hot water needs throughout the day.

98°C – tea, instant noodles, instant mushroom soup

85°C – coffee, hot chocolate

70°C – honey, flower tea

45°C – milk, warm water

25°C – room temperature

i-Hot is designed to suit your water dispensing needs. 3 volume capacity settings are available for you to choose from 150ml to 230ml and 300ml. There is also a free flow selection for you to dispense any amount you need.

i-Hot is a power saver house, it consumes very low electricity and turns automatically into sleeping mode when not in use.


nesh indoor water filter ihot
1. Power Point
2. Tubing
3. Filters
4. iHot Body
5. Sealing Tape
6. Control panel
8. Inlet & Outlet
9. Water Tray
10. Temperature Sensor
11. Child Lock Safety Button
12. Pressure

1. Unplug Old Filter

2. Install new filter

3. Flush the new filter

4. Clean Water tray

5. Clean machine body

6. Complete 12 Points Check

7. Chlorine test

8. Update the service records


Product Specification

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