Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)
To Maintain Sustainable Development for Human, Environmental & Community.
You & me are merely the passer-by in this planet earth.

Have you ever pondered; after decades of population, the home we live in today for the next generation will be a vulnerable & under extreme threat one, or a radiant & breathtaking one?

There are reasons to love our planet earth.
Love her … as we pledge for an undestroyed evergreen forest, an unpolluted ocean & let the bright rays of sunlight keep showering on our Mother Nature…

Our planet earth is facing a bleak future unless we start to do something. Let’s treasure our planet earth from the jaws of extinction.
Life Gallery
The establishment of the Life Gallery raised the bar of Nesh’s responsibility towards the society.

It crystallized Nesh’s culture of “environmental, experiential, education”.
The Life Gallery intends to lead the public to recognize the importance of life, the abundant of the nature and the interdependence of life.

By doing so, it aims to bring up the act of loving life, protecting the environment, respecting others and contributing to others.
Nature Photography Outing
For nature lover, this will be the fantastic opportunity to explore the great wilderness of Mother Nature.

This outing is not only about technicalities in photography, but focus is given more to the philosophy behind it.

It is an experiential activity-based outing where family members are exposed to the untouched beauty of nature.

Experiential learning in photography Take home values:
- Learn to appreciate Mother Nature.
- Be proactive & creative in any situation.
- To bond relationship among families.
To preserve Mother Nature & explore wonderful insects & creatures in the forest.
Seed Of Hope
At NESH, we relentlessly promote the spirit of taking care of our planet earth. Since the launch of NESH QOOZO, the environmental friend, in November 2007, we have organized series of environmental protection activities to raise awareness of the environmental issues affecting our delicate planet.

In year 2008, in conjunction with NESH QOOZO anniversary celebration, NESH spearhead another saving planet earth project ~ Seeds of Hope. People from all walks of life are urged to become part of the movement, to make a resolution by adopting the QOOZO coin box & take the next step in honoring & maintaining this beautiful planet. Those proceeds will then help fund five NGO’s sanctioned programmes to protect environment in Malaysia.
Projects satisfying the stipulated criteria will be funded by these proceeds.

The selected beneficiaries are:
- Universiti Sains Malaysia
- Life Line Association Malaysia
- Pay Fong High School, Melaka
- Persatuan Meditasi Prajna KL dan Sel
- Rainforest Mountain University
- Mr. Forest Gan
Swishing Party
Today Swishing Party is one of the highlights of NESH LOVE QOOZO, LOVE EARTH environmental activities. Today’s programmes include the Swishing Talk, environmental quiz, and of course meet our QOOZO mascot later on.

Why buy when you can SWAP?
Yes, why swap?
The idea is straight forward and simple – if one person doesn’t want a particular item– then it’s definite that someone, somewhere in the world would be delighted to own the very same piece.

– giving it a complete new lease of life.

- What a better way to get rid of items that you no longer want. You can get something in return and save money by not spending single cents.

- Quality is the bottom line when it comes to recycling.
- Remember that in the long run recycling, is better for the environment.

- Our planet is in trouble & if we can do anything, however small to help out, it is a small contribution from our social responsibility as individuals.

- Ethical & environmental friendly, swishing ticks all the boxes when it comes to your conscience & providing a sustainable environment.

- Swishing = fast fashion + value for money + vintage + ethical consumerism All in one guilt-free package!

- It’s way to reduce waste & recycle in the most glamorous way possible!

Try swapping! Swishing makes you beautiful on the outside and green on the inside. No doubt, it is eco-fabulous recycling at its best.
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