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Still bothered by the stubborn smudges on your clothes?


Still annoyed with the dirty residue of the toilet bowl in your bathroom?

Still frustrated over the irremovable grease spots in your kitchen?

Still worried about the dirty stain on the floor in your house?

Still felt helpless because of the inexhaustible mud on the surface of the car?

All-Purpose Cleaner

Worries no more! You can now use the HappyClean only for your daily laundry & cleaning tasks.

It can effectively remove oil residue, or even deals with dirty stain! Isn’t it wonderful?

With just 1 all-purpose cleaner, you can now solve all the cleaning problems in your life!

In addition, HappyClean is a 100% natural product.

The ingredients cause no harm to your hands and best still to the environment too.

It is definitely a great helper in your house!

The more you wash, the happier you are!

500 p2

   Amount  Method  Effect
Washing Machine 75g(full water tank) Mix the HappyClean with water, and put the clothes into it. Soak it for more than 1 hour for better washing results

• Clean the dirt rapidly.

• Get dry fast & soft after airing under the sun.

• Dryness remained even after rainy day.

• Rinsing water is friendly to the environment.

Hand Wash 5g(approximately 5L of water) Mix and soak the clothes into it, especially on collars, socks and cuffs.
Rag & mop Appropriate Soak it for 1-2 hours every 5-6 days. Effectively prevent bacteria reproduction & bad odour.
Kitchen ventilator 5g

1. Daub it for 10 minutes & it can remove the oil stains. Wash off with the scouring pad.

2. Mix 5g of HappyClean into the oil cup and wash off with the hot water.

• Replace with highly toxic oil cleaner.

• Extremely useful for any cleaning tasks in the kitchen, such as the surfaces on the refrigerator, cabinet or stainless steel. Shinier effect after wash.

Toilet bowl, Bathtub, Basin Appropriate

Daub the diluted HappyClean and brush it directly

• Remove yellowish residue & remain clean and shining

• Remove bacteria reproduction & unpleasant odour

Car 10g

Wash with sponge or rag & rinse it with running water

• No need to wax

• Remove & prevent from the rust

Floor 20g

Mix with 20L of water to mop


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