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25/06/2015 - Reduce Drinking Chlorinated Water

It is inevitable that the tap water we drink must go through water treatment plant where chlorine is added to kill bacteria. However, we can install a highly efficient water filter which can filter off chlorine and prevent second round pollution. Life Water filtration system can filter off the heavy metals, chlorine, and kill bacteria as well as enabling the water to become high quality water. Drinking it in the long-term will lead to good health. 

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18/06/2015 - What Harm Can Chlorine Bring To The Human Body

In 1974, the US Environmental Protection Bureau checked and found from tap water a kind of material causing cancer called trichlorometana. This aroused much concern. Henceforth, the US Environmental Protection Bureau conducted extensive studies to understand the condition of tap water. They found that the organic material in the water combined with chlorine will form trichlorometana which is carcinogenic.

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11/06/2015 - Why A Filter Is Needed In The House

Why is it bleach’s smell in tap water?

The smell of bleach in tap water is due to the use of chlorine to kill bacteria. Our nations water filtration plants have to add in chlorine to the drinking water two times in order to kill bacteria.

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04/06/2015 - Life Water Can Improve Constipation (2)

First of all, we should know that, constipation is due to the incomplete movement of the intestines. In order to prevent or overcome the problem of constipation, we must think of a way to make the intestines move.

How can we make the intestines move?

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28/05/2015 - Life Water Can Improve Constipation (1)

A lot of people will feel embarrassed to talk about constipation. However, constipation is the most common sickness of people in a hectic city. But many of them think that, constipation means not going to the toilet every day. If one goes to toilet every day, he has no constipation problem. This thinking is erroneous.

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